Updates to the modern servicing model for SQL Server 2017 and future versions of SQL Server on Linux
Published Aug 25 2022 03:04 AM 2,146 Views

We would like to announce the recent change made to the Announcing the Modern Servicing Model for SQL Server - Microsoft Tech Community   that applies for SQL Server on Linux/Container releases only. 


We are moving forward with a Linux apt mainstream servicing lifecycle for SQL Server 2017 and later:

  1. For SQL Server 2017 and above we will only have Cumulative Update (CU) based General Distribution Releases (GDRs), thus simplifying it for users to download the required updates through one single branch which is the CU (Cumulative Update) branch.  Users need to subscribe and use only one single repository, that is the CU repository, to get all the critical fixes, product improvements or bug fixes.
  2. The RTM (Release to Manufacturing) based GDR repository that contained base SQL Server release, critical fixes and security updates since that release, will be removed. As they worked only for older Linux distributions (RHEL 7, Ubuntu 16.04 & SLES 12). 

The RTM based GDR packages that were released for Ubuntu 16.04, RHEL 7 & SLES 12, the repos listed below will have no new releases, but will continue to be available

The empty GDR repos for the latest distributions listed below will be deleted after 45 days. We recommend you not add or register these repositories in your environment.

For details on configuring the repositories for SQL Server on Linux, refer:Configure repositories for installing and upgrading SQL Server on Linux.


Please do note that the previous Announcing the Modern Servicing Model for SQL Server | Microsoft Docs article has been archived and that all future updates will be available on this Announcing the Modern Servicing Model for SQL Server - Microsoft Tech Community article.

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