Cumulative Update #15 for SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters
Published Jan 28 2022 09:58 AM 1,996 Views

Today, we announce the release of the latest cumulative update, CU15, for SQL Server Big Data Clusters.

Improvements in this update are highlighted below, along with resources for you to learn more and get started.

Log4j vulnerability assessment and ElasticSearch update

After a thorough assessment of the Big Data Clusters codebase, no risk associated with the log4j vulnerability reported in December was identified. CU15 includes an updated version of log4j (2.17) for the ElasticSearch instance in the control plane to ensure that image scan alerts are not triggered by static code analysis of Big Data Cluster containers.

Apache Spark R now with CRAN distribution of R 4.1.2

CU15 continues our commitment to transition from Microsoft R Open (MRO) to the CRAN distribution of R. In this release SparkR 3.1.2 and sparklyr 1.7.2 use version 4.1.2 of the CRAN R runtime.

All R packages under the Spark R distribution were updated to the CRAN Snapshot 2021-09-21, providing an updated set of libraries. We encourage a throughout validation of your Spark R / sparklyr workloads before upgrading.

Ready to learn more?

Check out the SQL Server Big Data Clusters CU15 release notes to learn more about all the improvements available with the latest update. For a technical deep-dive on Big Data Clusters, read the documentation and visit our GitHub repository.

Follow the instructions on our documentation page to get started and deploy Big Data Clusters.

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