Columnstore Index: In-Memory Analytics (i.e. columnstore index) Videos from Ignite 2016
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First published on MSDN on Oct 04, 2016
I presented two talks on columnstore index during Microsoft Ignite Conference 2016 in Atlanta, GA. The talks focused on describing new enhancements to columntore index in SQL Server 2016 as well as sharing three customer success stories. Here is a high level overview of each session and the video recording of the session.

Review ColumnStore Index in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database : The updateable clustered columnstore in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 offers a leading solution for your data warehouse workload with order of magnitude better data compression and query performance over traditional B-Tree based schemas. This session describes columnstore index internals with deep insight into data compression methodology for achieving high query performance including improvements in column store investments for SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Link to the recorded session -

We used AdventureWorksDW2016CTP3 database for some of the demos.

Hear customer success stories with columnstore index in SQL Server 2016: In-memory Analytics using columnstore index provides industry leading performance for analytics workload. This session covers some key customer workloads that have been successfully deployed in production both for in-memory analytics and real-time operational analytics with SQL Server 2016. For each workload, the customer describes the scenario, learnings and the performance achieved. We had three customersM-Files ( ), Daman ( ) and First American ( ) sharing their application and how they were able to leverage columnstore index in SQL Server 2016 to significantly improve the experience of their users/customers. I am very confident that the customer testimonials will help you in your decision to move your application to use columnstore index in SQL Server 2016.

Link to recorded session -


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