Azure SQL Edge - Private Preview
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Azure SQL Edge is available in private preview. Azure SQL Edge runs on ARM and Intel architecture and brings the most secure Microsoft SQL engine to the edge. By running the same Microsoft SQL database engine both on-premises and in the cloud, you now only need to develop your applications once and deploy anywhere across the edge, your datacenter, and Azure.

With the availability of Azure SQL Edge in private preview, we’re inviting customers, partners, and ISVs to join the early adopter program to experience the power of SQL and AI on the edge. In private preview, Azure SQL Edge offers the following features:

  • Built-in ONNX runtime support for operationalizing the ML models and providing additional capabilities to run native scoring closest to where the data is generated.
  • Built-in streaming support for analyzing data while it’s being streamed using time-windowing, aggregation, and filtering capabilities, and achieve deeper insights by combining data types such as time-series and graph.
  • Deploy from the Azure IoT Edge as a module. Integrate the same SQL database that you use in your data center and the cloud directly into your Edge environment.
  • <500MB small-footprint container allows you to run on devices as small as a Raspberry Pi with optimizations to run efficiently on such smaller form factors.




Seamless integration with Azure SQL Edge

Customers will now have the ability to deploy the Azure SQL Edge module to your device registered with Azure IoT Edge. This simplifies your ability to create an e2e IoT solution spanning cloud and edge.


You can follow the instructions here to register your Azure subscription for access to Azure SQL Edge and deploying a solution that leverages the SQL Edge module.


Introduction of ONNX with Azure SQL Edge

We have also introduced the capability of training your machine learning models where you choose (Azure ML, SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster, or an environment of your choice), export the model to ONNX and deploy it to an Azure SQL Edge container. This allows you to bring inferencing closer to where the data is generated and speed up your real-time insights.


Following our previous announcement of preview at Microsoft Build 2019, customers can now utilize Azure SQL Edge free of charge while in private preview in regions where Azure IoT Edge is available.


If you have a solution where you need an enterprise SQL engine running at the edge, then register to enable private preview here.


Our early adopter, ZEISS, is a leading technology enterprise in the fields of optics and optoelectronics that develops innovative solutions for research, manufacturing, and consumer products at more than 100 locations around the world. There is global demand for ZEISS products such as eyeglass lenses, microscope systems and measuring machines, and in the world of photography and cinematography, ZEISS lenses have captured some of history’s most compelling and historic images. Now ZEISS has added Microsoft Azure SQL Edge and edge computing devices to its production machines to increase efficiency. Read about the case study here: ZEISS sharpens its focus on optical excellence with Microsoft Azure SQL Edge

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