Azure Arc enabled SQL Server - determine your Azure SQL target with ease and confidence
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Azure Arc enabled SQL Server enables you to manage, secure and govern your SQL Server estate from Azure. At the same time, it also enables you to streamline your Azure migration and modernization journey. 

Azure SQL migration assessment runs continuously on a schedule (every Sunday at 11:00 PM local time as configured on the server) and helps provide

  1. Readiness assessment: Discover, assess, and measure the Azure SQL readiness of the Arc-enabled SQL Servers. This will help identify the SQL Server workloads that are ready to migrate, identify any migration risks, and provide mitigation recommendations.
  2. Azure SQL Size recommendations: Get best-fit recommendations, with right-sizing based on performance history and service tier recommendations.

With the release of the on-demand assessment capability, you now can trigger this assessment as required. Simply click Run assessment to trigger a new assessment request. The on-demand assessment does not interrupt any subsequent scheduled runs.




An important scenario where this would be very useful is after you have taken remedial action(s) to address any compatibility issues previously detected. If you prefer not to wait for the next schedule run of the assessment, you can trigger one right away.


Another scenario would be where no assessment has been created so far because the scheduled run has not yet been triggered. Again, you can trigger one right away.


Once the assessment completes the last assessment time is updated and the fresh assessment results are displayed:



You can now review the migration assessment result and get the latest readiness information and suggested target Azure configuration.


With this feature, when you decide that a SQL Server instance is eligible for migration to Azure, you can have the updated information readily available to make a confident choice and move forward.


Ready to transform the way you manage, secure and govern your SQL Server instances? Learn how to Arc enable your SQL Servers today and get started right away!


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