Announcing GA of adutil-A tool to ease configuration of AD authentication for SQL on Linux/Container
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We are pleased to inform you that adutil has now reached the state of General Availability (GA). As you may be aware, adutil is a CLI-based utility developed to simplify AD authentication configuration for both SQL on Linux and SQL Linux containers. To know more and to install the adutil tool please refer adutil introduction . I'd like to thank everyone for your comments and suggestions, which helped us improve and reach the GA phase.


adutil is a tool developed with SQL Server as the primary application. Hence, support for adutil will be limited for SQL Server use cases only.


Overall, adutil is a CLI utility for interacting with and managing Active Directory domains. adutil is designed as a series of commands and subcommands, with additional flags for additional input. Each top-level command denotes a type of administrative function. Each subcommand represents an operation in that category. You can manage users, SPNs, keytabs, groups, and so on with adutil.


With the GA of adutil, a key feature that has been added in addition to the other options is the ability to rotate keytabs. You can do this by passing the optional parameter 'kvno' when creating keytabs using adutil. To know more and to try yourself please refer keytab rotation for more details. 


For details on how you can start working with adutil and configure AD authentication for SQL on Linux and containers please refer below:

Configure AD authentication for SQL On Linux using the adutil tool

Configure AD authentication for SQL Containers using the adutil tool



Engineering lead: Mike Habben

Engineering: Owen Gagnier, Dylan Gray, Madeline MacDonald

Amit Khandelwal Sr. Program Manager


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