Video interactivity gets a boost with new Microsoft Stream features
Published Jun 20 2024 01:06 PM 1,924 Views

If videos are a part of your marketing strategy – and they should be – you'll be happy to know that Microsoft Stream has just rolled out several new features to help you boost your content.  We’ve put a summary of Stream’s new capabilities below.  


Creating useful and compelling video content is a difficult task if you’re creating from scratch. Fortunately, with Microsoft Clipchamp and Stream, you’ve got an end-to-end video creation ecosystem already baked into your Microsoft 365 business license. Clipchamp became generally available to Microsoft 365 customers in 2023 and has already established itself as one of the most intuitive and powerful video editors on the market. Stream addresses the other half of the video experience: delivery. Stream is a powerful video management service that allows the people in your organization to store, share, and view your videos securely. Because it’s deeply integrated with the Microsoft 365 app portfolio, viewers can consume video content through multiple apps, like Microsoft PowerPoint, SharePoint, or Teams to name a few. And now we’ve added several new features to make the Stream experience even more engaging for users.   
Copilot in Microsoft Stream 

AI has arrived to make the video engagement experience enhanced for viewers. Copilot in Stream can help you get new insight into your videos. It can quickly summarize videos you’ve got stored on SharePoint so you can get the most out of your content. For example, you can have Copilot summarize a speaker’s comments to create a fast how-to list for an upcoming product demonstration. It’s an easy way to get the most out of every video you make. To use Copilot in Stream, you’ll need to purchase Copilot for Microsoft 365 for your business. Check out the following announcement to dive deep into Copilot in Stream use cases. 



Microsoft 365 content callouts and interactivity analytics 

Adding things like surveys, quizzes, or other forms of data gathering to your videos has always been difficult. Stream now makes adding such components easier and more effective. You can use Microsoft Forms and other links in callouts directly from your video. This lets your viewers search and find additional content easily from inside the Stream player. You’ll be able to see which callouts were the most effective using Stream’s new interactivity analytics. They let you gather non-personal data on your audience, like their responses to Microsoft Form polls or their average attention time. Metrics like these make it much easier to understand which of your videos and interactive elements landed the best and why.  


Video reactions 

Video reactions allow your audience to react to your content. You can enable reactions for the video, but you can also turn them into an interactive element that viewers can respond to several times as they go through the content. That gives you immediate feedback on how well your video landed and which parts were most effective. You can see reactions in the video’s Stream timeline, which lets you mark key reaction moments. Then you can use them as a best-practice reference when creating similar content in the future. Reactions can be used for individuals and teams, and viewers can choose to turn the feature off.  


Stream video recordings in the new Outlook for Windows and Web 

You can now integrate Stream video recording capabilities into Microsoft Outlook on the web and the new version of Outlook for Windows. You’ll be able to record a video message, capture your screen, or both, directly from Outlook. Screen recordings are great to highlight product demos, business reviews or improve your business culture.  


These are just some of the new features that make Microsoft Stream an engaging video platform for your viewers. Whether you want to create, share, or interact with video content, Clipchamp and Stream have the features and integrations you need to tell your brand’s story. 



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