Teams Rooms helps SMBs transition to a hybrid workplace
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Conf Room1.pngAround the world, small and medium-sized businesses are moving toward a hybrid work model with some people returning to the office, some working remotely, and still others choosing the more flexible option of both. This transition has many companies assessing: in a hybrid workplace, how do you ensure everyone can fully participate and feel included in meetings?

Meeting space solutions play a vital role in facilitating collaboration, and many of today’s room systems offer basic capabilities designed primarily for people who are physically present. Too often, remote attendees feel like they’re on the outside looking in. Microsoft Teams Rooms was purpose-built to bridge this gap between digital and physical workspaces.

What is Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a modern meeting space solution that brings together the digital workspace of Teams with dedicated first and third-party audio and video devices, certified by Microsoft. Teams Rooms turn any room into an easy-to-use and inclusive meeting space where everyone can fully participate from anywhere. Teams Rooms are designed to be:

  • Easy to use – Delivering consistent Teams experiences designed to make collaboration easy and hassle-free.
  • Inclusive – Fostering inclusive and interactive meetings for everyone, regardless of where they are.
  • Flexible – Turning any shared space into a Teams room with a wide selection of devices and features.
  • Secure & Managed – Keep devices secure, reliable, and up to date with rich management capabilities and powerful analytics.

Teams Rooms meeting experiences are powered by an intuitive, purpose-built app from Microsoft in combination with a rich ecosystem of first-and-third party devices certified for Teams. As many companies have a blend of spaces designed to support different kinds of meetings, Teams certified devices encompass a variety of form factors:

  • Modular systems: individual connected devices
  • Integrated solutions: combined audio and video functions with separate displays
  • All-in-one: complete audio, video, and display in a single unit


To further facilitate the purchases of Teams certified devices and assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in getting started with Teams Rooms, we are pleased to share the following updates:

Device store in Teams Admin Center

The Microsoft Teams device store is a device marketplace in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center that helps IT admins to search for and purchase certified Teams devices in a familiar interface.

IT admin accounts are authenticated and integrated within the device marketplace, helping streamline and automate device setup—removing the need to manually register the devices. All major Microsoft partners offering devices certified for Microsoft Teams will be included in the device store, with fulfillment provided by a third party.

The store is expected to be available next month in the US and Canada, and in other international markets later this year.




Microsoft Showcase for Teams certified devices expands its reach to 11 new countries

The Showcase website is where customers can find and acquire all Microsoft Teams certified devices. The site, previously only available in the US and Canada, will now fulfill Teams certified devices in eleven new markets: Germany (German), France (French), UK (English), Spain (Spanish), Italy (Italian), Portugal (Portuguese), Ireland (English), Austria (German), Greece (Greek), Belgium (Dutch / French), and Luxemburg (German / French). Customers can now make purchases in these newly added countries, in addition to the US and Canada.

How to get Microsoft Teams Rooms

Organizations can purchase Teams Rooms directly from Microsoft or through a partner.

To learn more and get started, visit the Teams Rooms website.
To find a partner specializing in Teams Rooms, visit the Meeting Rooms Partner Locator.

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