SolarWinds announces collaboration with Microsoft to enhance monitoring and management for MSPs
Published Jul 21 2020 11:00 AM 29.7K Views

Through an integration with Microsoft 365, IT partners using SolarWinds N-central or RMM gain a singular view to help better protect and manage devices


SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced collaboration with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft 365 capabilities with their remote monitoring and management tools - SolarWinds N-central and SolarWinds RMM. This will deliver monitoring of devices managed by Microsoft Intune from within the N-central and RMM dashboards, enabling a single device view, extensive management features, and impactful reporting.


As more and more businesses have shifted to a long-term work-from-home scenario with an even greater number of devices now in the care of managed services providers (MSPs), the ability to have a single device view has never been more important. The new capabilities, which are slated to go live later this year, will enable partners using N-central or RMM who deploy subscription plans such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium to discover devices managed by Intune and monitor those devices from within the N-central or RMM dashboards. This means that the entirety of client devices will be able to be managed from a single place, with the same configuration and alerting policies, strengthening data protection and streamlining monitoring and management efficiency.


Discover devices managed by Intune and monitor those from SolarWinds N-central or RMM dashboardsDiscover devices managed by Intune and monitor those from SolarWinds N-central or RMM dashboards


Beyond monitoring, MSPs will also be able to receive notifications and alerts for all devices and pass those alerts to the professional service automation (PSA) solution, making it easier for partners to manage all their clients at scale.


“Nearly 90% of the desktop and server devices our partners manage run Microsoft software, and Microsoft 365 is the productivity suite most of them use. The ability to monitor and service devices that are managed under Microsoft Intune from right within the N-central or RMM main dashboard will be a huge productivity boost, and enable our partners to offer more comprehensive service and protection for the myriad of devices they manage.” said Mav Turner, general vice president of products for SolarWinds MSP.


“In these challenging times, small and medium-size businesses need, more than ever, to empower all their employees to work from anywhere and on any device in a secure way. Microsoft 365 integrates Office productivity apps and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams with advanced security and device management capabilities. We collaborated with SolarWinds, a leader in the MSP software space, to make it simpler for managed service providers to secure data and devices using the security & management services in Microsoft 365.” said Nathalie Irvine, General Manager, Microsoft 365.


If you’re interested in learning more, register to watch this webcast from SolarWinds on Wednesday, July 29 at 10:00am EST – where specialists from SolarWinds and Microsoft will show a product demonstration and answer questions you may have.






Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What are SolarWinds MSP and Microsoft announcing?

A: Microsoft and SolarWinds MSP are collaborating to bring their Microsoft 365 capabilities and SolarWinds N-central and RMM platforms closer. This will enable MSPs using those remote monitoring and management products to view all the devices they monitor from their SolarWinds dashboards, whether managed with Microsoft Intune or SolarWinds solutions. This will help MSPs standardize the way they receive alerts on the health of all devices and monitor, manage, and maintain those devices. It also enables consolidated device reporting.


Q: Why are SolarWinds MSP and Microsoft doing this integration?

A: Both companies provide powerful tools to help managed services providers (MSPs) and small and medium- sized businesses (SMBs) to manage and secure their IT devices and networks. By integrating Microsoft 365 with remote monitoring and management platforms – N-Central and RMM – from SolarWinds, MSPs will be able to manage the entirety of their clients’ devices from one dashboard, increasing their efficiency and ability to keep their SMB clients secure and running smoothly.


Q: In which Microsoft 365 subscription plans is Microsoft Intune available?

A: Microsoft Intune is available as part of the Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription plan designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is also available as part of some enterprise, education and government focused subscription plans from Microsoft 365. More details about Microsoft 365 is available at


Q: What is SolarWinds N-central or RMM?

A: SolarWinds N-central and RMM are remote monitoring and management solutions that enables MSPs and IT professionals to maintain and secure thousands of devices from one place. They help IT professionals detect the health of workstations, servers, and other IT endpoints and proactively help ensure they are running properly and are secured with the latest software and layers of data and threat protection. Their automation capabilities and rules-based policy flexibility make N-central and RMM a key tool for both internal IT teams who want to save time to focus on strategic projects and MSPs who want to increase efficiency and take on additional clients to grow their business.


Q: Why would an MSP want both Intune and N-central or RMM? 

A: Microsoft Intune, which provides capabilities for PC and mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM), is part of Microsoft 365, and many MSPs find Intune—as well as the other components of Microsoft 365—to be beneficial to their business. Along with Intune, Microsoft 365 includes productivity apps from Office and collaboration services such as Microsoft Teams, and advanced security and device management capabilities such as Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Conditional Access, Data Loss Prevention, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Defender, Windows Virtual Desktop and more.


Intune capabilities for mobile device management (MDM) complements and extends the N-central or RMM device and feature reach for service providers that have strong Microsoft 365 sales and support offerings. The integration will enable MSPs to discover clients’ Intune managed devices, bring them under a single device view, consolidate alerts from all devices on state changes to the MSP’s PSA ticketing system, and enrich their reporting information—all from their existing workflows.


Q: When will these new capabilities be available?

A: A beta version of the new capabilities will be available for SolarWinds N-central customers starting in late 2020. They’ll be inviting customers who already use Intune to test drive the new capabilities and give feedback, and they’ll be encouraging customers who have not yet tried Intune to see what it can add to their estate management capabilities. 


These new capabilities are projected to be available for SolarWinds RMM solution in 2021.


Q: What will this cost?

A: The new capabilities will be included with SolarWinds N-central and SolarWinds RMM.


Q: Where can I learn more?

A: Register to watch this webcast from SolarWinds, where specialists from SolarWinds and Microsoft will show a product demonstration and be available to answer questions.

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