Announcing Project “Orland” for Microsoft 365 to help partners better nurture their customers

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Today we are excited to announce Project “Orland” for Microsoft 365, a new experience in Partner Center that empowers CSP partners to proactively engage with and nurture their customers.


Project “Orland” looks at your CSP customer base and applies data models built by Microsoft Data Scientists to surface prioritized opportunities for you to act on. Some examples of opportunities from across the customer lifecycle include identifying trial customers ready to become paid subscribers and flagging customers at risk of churn. Using this actionable guidance, you will be able to build a more efficient Customer Lifecycle Management practice to better acquire, retain, and grow your Microsoft 365 customers.


Project “Orland” is currently in private preview stage of development. To express your interest in joining the private preview and to help us build a better partner experience, visit (form available until August 15, 2021).


Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s coming.


Microsoft-powered data and data models

Project “Orland” consolidates customer-aggregated signals from across your customers’ tenants and applies data models built by Microsoft to surface actionable insights. This enables you to see your customers’ health all in one place, and better understand trends to help you do your job in account management.



The home page of Project “Orland” showing summary data on customer opportunities around churn and growth.


Prioritized customer opportunities

Project “Orland” applies modeling to prioritize high value customer engagements for you.  We recognize that data alone doesn’t help you take action.  By prioritizing opportunities, Project “Orland” enables you to be more efficient in how you engage with your customers by highlighting the most urgent or impactful opportunities.



Project “Orland” prioritizes customers by opportunity based on degree of difficulty and value to the partner.


Rich Go-To-Market recommendations

Project “Orland” enriches models and opportunities with recommended Go-To-Market actions for you to take.  From product-specific deployment guides to targeted customer conversations and marketing content, Project “Orland” surfaces best practices and content from Microsoft to help you better manage your customers.



Project “Orland” surfaces customer specific recommended actions to help partners take action.


Other capabilities under development

We are excited to start this journey of bringing data and data models directly to partners.  We believe there are many scenarios beyond what we shared today, where Project “Orland” can enrich how you nurture your customers, and we look forward to enabling them over time. Project “Orland” is now in private preview, and we expect to share more about our progress later this calendar year.


To express your interest in joining the private preview and to help us build a better partner experience, visit (form available until August 15, 2021).


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Love it.  This type of information is hugely valuable for account managers and increasing the overall client experience.


Awesome tool for Partners to detect opportunities in their CSP install base 

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Curious if this is available for all CSP partners or just direct...there is no indication in the article but the form seems to lean towards direct only which would be a bummer. 

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Looks great. Looking forward to seeing it at work ....

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expressed my interest in joining the private preview (before 15th of August) but, until the moment, I do not have access to the "Project Orland" in Partner Center. I simply cannot see the tab under the insights - products tab. Is this for CSP Reseller Partners also?




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