Skype Mobile audio not working with IOS10


We've upgraded a few iPhones to IOS10.  Once completed, Skype Mobile "voice" is no longer working well.  The voice is inaudible.  Anyone else experience this or know if Microsoft is aware?

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yes I experienced this while on Verizon LTE in the Atlanta area. presentation came thru but audio was terrible.


I can add, that it seems to be when using Bluetooth.  If I/we switch to "speaker" the audio clears up.  Switch back to Bluetooth and it is usless.  We do not see anything that indicates a specific Bluetooth device, it is pretty much all at the moment.  As we've advised our users not to install IOS10, the problem is small, but it is growing daily.  I did submit a Bug from Skype Mobile on the 15th, but no follow-up yet from Microsoft.   - David


NOTE: edited to replace the word USB with Bluetooth as original post was incorrect.

With the release of IOS and using the latest releases of Skype Mobile (and Skype Mobile Preview) audio problems with Bluetooth devices have disappeared and voice quality has returned. 

6.8 was just released to the app store and includes fixes for iOS10. 6.9 includes additional updates and will be available in Preview, shortly. If you'd like to validate, join at General availability is slated for later next month. I hope those updates solve the issues you're seeing.