Skype for Business for iOS and Android push notification does not work all the time

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I am using the latest version of Skype for Business for both iOS and Android.  It seems that after an hour or so, push notifications no longer work.  When someone sends a message to me and I have been inactive for quite a while, I no longer receive it but is sent to my email instead as missed conversation.   W10M version works ok.  Skype (consumer version) works very well and does not have this issue.  


Because of this, my team members prefer using Skype with our O365 accounts.  However, just very recently, we can no longer log in to Skype using our work email.  I hope that SFB push notification on iOS and Android works perfectly well as we have already drawn flak when we missed certain important messages.


Many thanks.

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Microsoft state that notification work only if app is running in background

on your iphone you need to go for settings, check business app.
enable run in background or something like it and enable push notification.

Should run but take care of your battery :)
Ahmed Badawy

Real Push Notifications like you are having in WhatsApp etc. are only available in O365 and should be available to On-Prem in future CU afaik.




Hi Jorg,

I tested yesterday with on-prem account and I did receive notification after I changed the settings I stated above