"Skype Web App" and "Skype for Business" - two different areas ?? - CONFUSED.


We have users with Business Premium subscription for O365 and have been using Skype for Business client on Windows 7/8.


Moving to Windows 10, somehow the Skype client is not recognizing the same users which were working fine in Win 7/8.  


While we sort out the issue with Skype client in Win 10, we are trying to utilize but looks like already existing contacts etc are not reflected in  I feel this issue will be there for users having PSTN licenses as well where the PSTN number provided by microsoft may not get recognized automatically in


Are "Skype for Business" and two different things ?  Is there an web-app for 'Skype for Business' then ?


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Solution is for the consumer Skype product, different from Skype for Business product.  There is no web client app for Skype for Business Online.  There is a web meeting app for joining meetings, which you can access by clicking on a Join meeting link sent to you.  If that tries to open in the client, you can add ?sl=1 to the end of the join url to force it to use the web app.