one way voice on IOS devices

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recently we have been getting reports that some users are getting one way audio on on IOS devices when doing VOIP calls


these users are typically remote and when they call someone internal they cannot hear them.  if they try the call again then sometimes it will result in two way audio and other times several attempts are required


when this issue does occur I noticed that their 'Speaker time not functioning' is at 100%.  I'm assuming that this implies the issue is local to their IOS device/client


anyone else have this or know of a solution?  i have been unable to recreate the issue myself with the same version of the SFB client but i haven't confirmed if i am running the same version of IOS

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the issue appears to be related to headsets being used on the IOS devices.


so far we've seen it with the Apple Airpods, Apple wired headset and a Bose wireless headser (although not as frequent).  if no headset is used then the issue doesn't occur


the SFB monitoring reports allows show the 'Speaker not functioning time' at 100% when it does happen and its always at 0% when it doesn't.  seems to be some bug between the headset and the client