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Hi all -

My name is Nick Suter; I am a Program Manager for the Customer Engagement and Adoption team, within Skype for Business.  I have been at Microsoft for the past 10 years - all with the Skype for Business group.  Well, we started as Office Communications Server, then Lync and now Skype for Business.  My passion lies with connecting to our users, understanding their current needs and painpoints and then working to help solve or ease the pain.


To that end, I wanted to share a set of important resources we have for our Skype for Business users:  Quick Start Guides.


You can download our Skype for Business Quick Start Guides here:


A couple of points about this resource:

  • Print these out - use these as a ready reference when you are using Skype for Business
  • Top 3-5 things - these are not a cumulative training resource; they are not designed that way.  We use these to outline the 3-5 things that you need to know to get up and running with the product as quickly as possible
  • Small, snackable - these are small by design; we want to keep it short and give you immediate relief and skills with Skype for Business
  • Ever growing - we have six (6) cards today, but are looking to grow the library we have


I encourage you to download and start using these guides.  Once you have tried them out, let me know what you think and what else we can create a quick start guide for.


I am looking forward to hearing back!



Nick Suter

Program Manager | Customer Engagement and Adoption

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Thanks, Nick, for these excellent resources!


I'm wondering if they'll remain consistent with the addition of Skype4B Mac next month.

Hi John -

Great question!  Yes, these resources will remain consistent; we will add to them as needs arrise.  For example, we are working on a quick start guide for the Mac client.  The goal is to have this in place for Launch, if not slightly after. 


When finished, this quick start guide will be added to the library I referenced below.





Also - if there are needs for other quick start guide resources, let us know.  would love to see the needs of the community and fill those as needed.

Super excited for SFB on my Mac
Am I missing something? It's now September 2017 and I can't see any quick start guides for the Mac client.

Mac users seem to be very poorly supported. Despite reading various sets of release notes, client comparisons etc, I (and my colleagues) can't figure out how to do basic things in the Mac client. We don't know if this is because of the way our SFB system is configured, or if the Mac client simply doesn't support what we're trying to do, or if we need to change our Outlook settings. We're a small group of Mac users in an organisation of Windows users. Our IT team is Windows-focused and hasn't been able to help us resolve things. is being retired December 15, 2017 and all content deleted.  Will these guides be migrated to another site?  When?

Hi Lynn - 

I have checked with the team building our quick start guides and they are working on a final review for the Mac guides...  Hoping to have them out in the next couple of weeks.  Apologies for the delay.




Hi Mike - 

I talked with the team building our quick start guides and they have moved them here:


Have a look and let me know what you think.




Hello @Nick Suter - thank you for the pointer to the new location of the quick start guides - very helpful. We're also looking for SfB posters that could be used in an office environment to raise employee awareness and encourage use of SfB. I've seen them on the web, but can't find anything downloadable from Microsoft.


Are you aware of anything like that? Thanks!



Thanks for the resource but strangely the link takes me to my Onedrive account online. No download. In fact any link starting with goes to my OneDrive online account. Weird. I can download all the other languages, just not English.


Thanks for trying. I hope it works for others,





unable to download quick start guides for SFB in English 

hi i got these links from somewhere but for english this is not working , other languges are ok , can anyone give me link for the same ?







You can download our Skype for Business Quick Start Guides here:


The link is not working so i cannot find the guide.


Could you send me in the right direction?