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Are there recommended settings a corporation should set for online Skype meetings to improve security for meetings? Just discovered that if a presenter/host just closes the Skype meeting window it doesn't End the Meeting and attendees can continue in meeting. This also applies to ad-hoc meetings with the Meet Now option. The attendees are still in the meeting window. 

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Hi, there are no policies or settings per say that relate directly to how a meeting behaves after the organiser leaves, which makes sense when you think about how we're trying to replicate the real-world meeting space of everyone being  in the same room; people come in late, people leave early, sometimes you don't need to be in the meeting for the entire session because only a portion of the content is relevant to you etc. So in that respect, I think it's fine that when an organisers leaves, the remaining attendees can continue (indeed in some instances the organiser sends out the meeting invite but doesn't even come to the meeting). 

From a personal perspective, as a meeting organiser / presenter I think the single thing I do prior to leaving a meeting early where I know other people will remain is to check my meeting content; to make sure that any content I've uploaded to the meeting I remove if required. Again with the real-world meeting room analogy, you wouldn't leave the meeting early but leave your diagrams or work at the table (although sometimes I leave a coffee cup).

So to answer your question more directly - no, there are no recommended settings that apply to that particular scenario, and I'd suggest this is an expected behaviour scenario that meeting organisers should be made aware of if not already. You can' always stay until the end and remove everyone from the meeting manually, but then what harm can they do?

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Thanks Ben for your explanation of the setting. I understand that the online meeting options resemble face-to-face meeting options. It will be a matter of training the end users to understand the process.