Contacts option is not showing in Skype for Business


I am using both skype and Team side by side but with the latest update in Teams I am unable to see Contacts option in Skype. I tried reinstalling and install again but still no luck. I can use teams but main problem is it is not showing accurate status of the members hence skype is required for me. How to get the contacts option back? 

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Do you mean that you can't see availability status of the users ?

Can you post a screen capture of the problem ?



Skype will show 3 options just below our name and status but for me Contacts option is completed removed. I can see conversations and Meetings Icons. In addition to this once I click on settings it is showing only 5 options (General, Personal, Audio Device, Video Device, Skype Meetings) but in general it should be more than 5. Sorry, somehow I am unable to paste the screenshot.

Which client to you have ? 32/64 ?

Did you downloaded the client from the O365 center ? if so, you have the 32Bit.
Can you try the 64bit ?

In the software center you can also find 2015 version.

Can you try installing that ? and also the 32/64 versions of this 2015 version ?


Hi, did you ever found a solution for this problem? I am having the same issue

@quizhead I have the exact same problem. I can only see previous calls and calendar. The Contact tab i gone.


Hi peter, it seems that your tenant is upgrade to teams and this is why SFB is looking "strange".

Goto to your O365 with Global Admin account
> navigate to team admin center
> Orgwide setting
> check if you have an option to change the coexistance to Islands or to SFB Only.
If not than your tenant has upgraded and you will have to apply through your customer service for a rollback which will last 30 day which after that Team will be permanent.

Having said that - Team is going to replace skype permanently.

I have the same issue in Skype for Business. I also have Teams but none of my clients do so I want to use Skype for Business. Unfortunately the contacts icon is not showing there so I can't invite anyone.