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I have been searching for a solution to transfer/forward the video call to another person when a desired person is not available. This would be very useful for Deaf callers. I can't find a solution from Microsoft Skype for business. Your help and ideas are much appreciated.
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Hi @Anton Wenhold 


In case you are planning to use Skype for Business Application or Microsoft Teams Application you have an option to set the Call forwarding for the user. In case the User A is not available they can set the call forwarding to another specific user or to a group of users so that whoever is available can answer the call. We can use this solution for call forwarding.


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Satish Upadhyaya



Thank you for the reply.


I understand how call forwarding is set-up.  But I need to find a way to allow the video forwarding to work.  Deaf people and sign language interpreters need the video forwarding for video relay services.  For example, Deaf caller initiates a video call to the video relay services where some sign language interpreters are located.  When video call arrives at the VRS, then video can forward to the available interpreter.  Hope you get the picture how it works for video call.