SfB voicemail - caller number but not contact name shown in outlook


When a voicemail is received and appears as an email in outlook (or in fact just when you get a missed call notification) only the caller number shows up. This is even if the contact is in your outlook address book. It feel like a throwback to 1989 to have to try to figure out who it was called you from the number. You would have thought that outlook, being quite tightly coupled to SfB would be able to do the lookup automatically. Any solution out there ??


 Also slightly off topic for a SfB post but also favourates in outlook only lists one contact number for the person, you cannot even seem to add a number. For e.g. 99% of the time I want to call their cell - but the only number listed is their home number. Again any quick fixes that anybody knows of,

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Hi Nicholas.


If you check the phone tab in your Skype for Business client, any available information on the caller is right there in the voicemails list.


I know, this is not what you were looking for, but I hope that works for you.

/Kenneth ML