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We installed the CCE to make PSTN calls through the Mitel A470 which is certified for that. We are able to make PSTN calls out of the Skype client, but we cannot receive any PSTN calls on the Skype client. How can we troubleshoot this issue ???

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Hi Mathias


  • Login into your Mediation Server (Hyper-V Console). Use your defined Domain Admin Credentials
  • Open Powershell console as an admin and start an CLS Logging:



Start-CsClsLogging -Scenario IncomingAndOutGoingCall
*Reproduce problem*
Stop-CsClsLogging -Scenario IncomingAndOutGoingCall
Search-CsClsLogging -LogLevel Debug -OutputFilePath c:\Logfile1.clslog
  • look for errors in the c:\logfiles1.clslog logfile with a snooper or notepad. 

Is the "TO:" phone-number in a E164 format?




Another option is to install wireshark, and see if you spot any traffic from your mitel.
I'm not familiar with the mitel A470 but in MCD version you can do some sip tracing.