Latest Office update broke SkypeFB emoji's

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Hello, we are getting multiple reports of our users having emoji problems in Skype for Business. The sender of the IM inserts emoji's and sends, the sender sees only text but the recipient sees the emoji. Under Windows10 1803 and my office 365 I had no problems at all. I updated my office suite via the ms portal and now my emoji's are broken as reported. I have cleared the cache, deleted sign-in info and flushed dns etc. but it is still broken. We just rolled out 1000+ win10 1803 SCCM fresh images over the last month but have only had this problem starting this week. It's starting to snowball... Any idea's? thx

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Attempting an update to 1809 (which has failed twice) changed something and it now works for me at least. Can't very well push that to the masses.