Enable-CsOnlineUMMailbox : The term 'Enable-CsOnlineUMMailbox' is not recognized


This SfB Online cmdlet worked fine last week, but seems to have dissapeared now.


Enable-CsOnlineUMMailbox : The term 'Enable-CsOnlineUMMailbox' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.


Per this posting by Michael LaMontagne (http://realtimeuc.com/2017/02/dude-wheres-my-csonlineum-cmdlets/), Microsoft has decide to yank it out.. with no prior notice...


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We've automated the process in the back-end so this commandlet isn't required any longer.  Unfortunately our documentation update came later, but should now be replicating around the world to reflect this change in deployment.  Sorry for the hassle - Jamie.

Hi Jamie,


Any reduction in the number of steps required while migrating users online, is always a welcome thing (MMS comes to mind) :-). These UM cmdlets had become a little flaky recently anyway, sometimes not working and other times giving false-positive results.


Does this mean that as long as the appropriate online license is appled to the user, we dont need to mess with any UM related configs?


Also, are there any technote out there that provides technical details about this new Azure UM platform, that seems to have superseeded Exchange UM?

Hi Neeraj, these cmdlets enable "enchanced" voice mail functionality. For example, ability to play a voice mail directly in an Outlook message (as opposed to have it as an attachement), Message Waiting Inidicator on phones required it and some other graphical elements.

The new behavior is - our service enables this functionality automativcally when a user recieves first voice mail.

We don't run the process during the licence assignment as you might assign a license but user will never use the service.

There is no technical deep dive on how Azure VM works, it is an application in Azure. There is nothing that tenant admins can change in the service, so we don't have the documentation on how it works internally.