Analog Lines, Network, and Skype for Business

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Has anyone found a M-ATA device that works with Skype? We have a location where we have analog lines running to the department, but need to take them out. In most areas, we use AudioCodes to do our analog lines for campus. I had a request to see about using a device that could connect to the network and allow for a fax to be used on the network through a M-ATA device.


We found some vendors, but none of them mention working with Skype for Business. We are a hybrid set up. Here are the sites we found with what looks like they would work, but wanted to see if anyone else had recommendations or had this work with network to fax connector.


If you have something you have tried and works, please let me know so we can order one to give it a try. If you have tried and had issues, I would be interested to hear those stories too.


Thank you!






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Hi John,


I have successfully deployed FAX with the Quintum Tenor Analog Getaway (ATA) + Sonus SBC 1000/2000, SIP Trunks and Skype for Business. The configuration was very similar to the article below:


The document has old brand references and screenshots so please note that Quintum was acquired by Sonus long ago and now they are Ribbon. The NET UX is the SBC 1000/2000.


You could also try something similar with AudioCodes. You need their basic Analog Gateway w/ FXS port for the Fax, create a SIP trunk between the Analog Gateway and the AudioCodes SBC where you have your trunks and finally create the Analog objects in Skype if you want your environment to be aware about the FAX number.  It works best if you configure T.38 between the two gateways.