Spring is in the air, and we are excited to announce the monthly update for Skype for Business for Mac has sprung. This update is a big deal here as we have added our current #1 ask to the Skype for Business on Mac client. We celebrate every release but perhaps more so when we tackle a #1 ask.


Our former #1 new feature ask was for screensharing during chat. It was a big deal, and we were excited when that landed earlier this year. The new feature, File Sharing during chat for Office 365 users has gotten a lot of requests. We hope you enjoy it. Please note that we intend to add this feature for on-premises as well at a later date.


As always, we also have introduced improvements to how the client operates so be sure to read the release notes for more information on these improvements:


  • The video preview and button for answering the call now available on the notification.
  • User who receives call from Delegate on behalf of Delegator will now see the call is made on behalf of Delegator.
  • Ring device settings are saved after application restarts.
  • Names in contact list are sorted alphabetically.
  • Users are properly informed their meeting join request has been denied when trying to join multiple times.
  • Fixed additional Exchange connection issues.


For a complete list of improvements to the client, please be sure to read the release notes that come with this update. Customers can choose to download the latest client from the download center or those who already have the client can use the Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) to get the latest.

  • Paul Cannon, Skype for Business Product Marketing Manager
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This works pretty good when chatting one-on-one, but apparently fails all together when chatting with multiple users in one conversation.  Is this something you guys are aware of and and working on?  This and the lack of a buddy list are the two things that are holding us back from adopting SfB.  A large part of our user base is Mac (at least 80%).  We have also been looking at Teams and a few non-Microsoft options, but we have not found anything yet that meets all of our needs.  My favorite - by far - is SfB online (and on premises is not an option), but I am fighting a loosing battle without these two functionalities.


To be totally honest, the absolute best outcome would be total parity between the Windows and Mac clients - in both functionality and UI.