Call Queues and Auto Attendant trainings updated
Published Aug 08 2017 02:15 AM 5,264 Views

Note: Please note that Call Queues and Auto Attendant got another update. For the latest information see 


As announced in last week's blog post What's new for Auto Attendants and Call Queues in July 2017? Call Queues and Auto Attendant got updated with new features and improvements.


@Korneel Bullens updated the Skype Academy training for Call Queues and Auto Attendant with this latest content.


If you have already watched the previous versions of the trainings, you probably want to just review the blog article mentioned above, but if you have not seen the sessions yet, you can leverage them to learn all you need to know about these Cloud PBX features.


Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the community.


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