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I am trying to install a custom font into a site and I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong. I am using SharePoint Designer to modify an existing SPFONT file and uploading it to the correct location in the ...theme/15 folder location with all the other SPFONT files. It will not show in the Change the look font selection. I have successfully loaded Arialbut this one requiresme to supply all the font files since it is not a common font. Here is part of my SPFON

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:fontScheme name="Replica" previewSlot1="title" previewSlot2="body" xmlns:s="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">
        <s:fontSlot name="title">
            <s:latin typeface="ReplicaRegular"
		smallsrc="https://MySharepointSite.com/sites/hr/_catalogs/theme/15/ReplicaSml.png" />
            <s:ea typeface=""/>
            <s:cs typeface="Segoe UI Light" />
            <s:font script="Arab" typeface="Tahoma" />
            <s:font script="Deva" typeface="Mangal" />
            <s:font script="Grek" typeface="Segoe UI Light" />
            <s:font script="Hang" typeface="Malgun Gothic" />
            <s:font script="Hans" typeface="Microsoft YaHei" />
            <s:font script="Hant" typeface="Microsoft JhengHei" />
            <s:font script="Hebr" typeface="Tahoma" />
            <s:font script="Hira" typeface="Meiryo" />
            <s:font script="Thai" typeface="Tahoma" />
            <s:font script="Armn" typeface="Tahoma" />
            <s:font script="Beng" typeface="Vrinda" />
            <s:font script="Cher" typeface="Plantagenet Cherokee" />
            <s:font script="Ethi" typeface="Nyala" />
            <s:font script="Geor" typeface="Sylfaen" />
            <s:font script="Gujr" typeface="Shruti" />
            <s:font script="Guru" typeface="Raavi" />
            <s:font script="Knda" typeface="Tunga" />
            <s:font script="Khmr" typeface="DaunPenh" />
            <s:font script="Laoo" typeface="DokChampa" />
            <s:font script="Mlym" typeface="Kartika" />
            <s:font script="Mymr" typeface="Myanmar Text" />
            <s:font script="Orya" typeface="Kalinga" />
            <s:font script="Sinh" typeface="Iskoola Pota" />
            <s:font script="Syrc" typeface="Estrangelo Edessa" />
            <s:font script="Taml" typeface="Latha" />
            <s:font script="Telu" typeface="Gautami" />
            <s:font script="Thaa" typeface="MV Boli" />
            <s:font script="Tibt" typeface="Cordia New" />
            <s:font script="Yiii" typeface="Microsoft Yi Baiti" />

Any help to figure out why it isn't working. I was told that I couldn't use relative paths and I thought that was the case, but it still won't worlk. In SharePoint Designer I can CTRL+Click and the files open just fine in a browser. I have run out of options. Please do not tell me to use ShortPoint. I'm not a Farm Admin and they told me they won't install the solution. :(

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Are you having this issue with the Public Preview build of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition? If so, have you tested the same steps in SharePoint Server 2019?
The client does not have SharePoint 2019. They have no intention of migrating before the project is completed.