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I am trying to install a custom font into a site and I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong. I am using SharePoint Designer to modify an existing SPFONT file and uploading it to the correct location in the ...theme/15 folder location with all the other SPFONT files. It will not show in the Change the look font selection. I have successfully loaded Arialbut this one requiresme to supply all the font files since it is not a common font. Here is part of my SPFON

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:fontScheme name="Replica" previewSlot1="title" previewSlot2="body" xmlns:s="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">
        <s:fontSlot name="title">
            <s:latin typeface="ReplicaRegular"
		smallsrc="https://MySharepointSite.com/sites/hr/_catalogs/theme/15/ReplicaSml.png" />
            <s:ea typeface=""/>
            <s:cs typeface="Segoe UI Light" />
            <s:font script="Arab" typeface="Tahoma" />
            <s:font script="Deva" typeface="Mangal" />
            <s:font script="Grek" typeface="Segoe UI Light" />
            <s:font script="Hang" typeface="Malgun Gothic" />
            <s:font script="Hans" typeface="Microsoft YaHei" />
            <s:font script="Hant" typeface="Microsoft JhengHei" />
            <s:font script="Hebr" typeface="Tahoma" />
            <s:font script="Hira" typeface="Meiryo" />
            <s:font script="Thai" typeface="Tahoma" />
            <s:font script="Armn" typeface="Tahoma" />
            <s:font script="Beng" typeface="Vrinda" />
            <s:font script="Cher" typeface="Plantagenet Cherokee" />
            <s:font script="Ethi" typeface="Nyala" />
            <s:font script="Geor" typeface="Sylfaen" />
            <s:font script="Gujr" typeface="Shruti" />
            <s:font script="Guru" typeface="Raavi" />
            <s:font script="Knda" typeface="Tunga" />
            <s:font script="Khmr" typeface="DaunPenh" />
            <s:font script="Laoo" typeface="DokChampa" />
            <s:font script="Mlym" typeface="Kartika" />
            <s:font script="Mymr" typeface="Myanmar Text" />
            <s:font script="Orya" typeface="Kalinga" />
            <s:font script="Sinh" typeface="Iskoola Pota" />
            <s:font script="Syrc" typeface="Estrangelo Edessa" />
            <s:font script="Taml" typeface="Latha" />
            <s:font script="Telu" typeface="Gautami" />
            <s:font script="Thaa" typeface="MV Boli" />
            <s:font script="Tibt" typeface="Cordia New" />
            <s:font script="Yiii" typeface="Microsoft Yi Baiti" />

Any help to figure out why it isn't working. I was told that I couldn't use relative paths and I thought that was the case, but it still won't worlk. In SharePoint Designer I can CTRL+Click and the files open just fine in a browser. I have run out of options. Please do not tell me to use ShortPoint. I'm not a Farm Admin and they told me they won't install the solution. :(

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Are you having this issue with the Public Preview build of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition? If so, have you tested the same steps in SharePoint Server 2019?