SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Licensing

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Hi everyone, 


Do you have any official information on the licensing for SharePoint Server and Project Server Subscription Editions ?

I've read here that it is based on the server/CAL license model, which brings me to think it is the usual on premise licensing... But I've also read on several other blogs that SPSE was first announced to be purchased via recurring subscription fees..


Thanks :)

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Hi @Fouziya, that's a great question. SharePoint Server Subscription Edition will continue to use the Server/CAL licensing model, but those licenses will only be available through Software Assurance. We don't offer perpetual licenses for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. Customers will need to renew their Software Assurance contracts to maintain the right to use SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. If their Software Assurance contract expires without being renewed, then customers will no longer have the right to use SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. So in essence the recurring subscription is implemented through Software Assurance.


Hope that clarifies things. Please let us know if you have any more questions!

@Troy Starr  How must Someone that's new into Sharepoint and wants to implement Sharepoint Server Enterprise Edition, who doesn´t have any licencesing nor Software Assurance, proceed?


There's no information about licensing.



Hi @7Ocampo7, great question, thanks for asking. Anyone can download SharePoint Server Subscription Edition from the Microsoft Download Center. Normally you'd need to provide a production license key acquired through your Software Assurance subscription to install and use this software. However, we also provide free trial keys for customers who want to explore the software first before committing to purchasing a Software Assurance license. This free trial is valid for 180 days after installation and the trial keys can be found in the Install Instructions section on the SharePoint Server Subscription Edition download page in the Microsoft Download Center.


Once you've decided to move forward with purchasing a Software Assurance license, you can either contact your existing Microsoft Volume Licensing software vendor or explore the options at How to Buy | Microsoft Volume Licensing.


Note that you can convert your SharePoint Server Subscription Edition installation from free trial mode to production licensed mode at any time by providing your production license key through SharePoint Central Administration -> Upgrade and Migration -> Convert farm license type.

@Troy Starr 


Do you happen to have SKUs for the SharePoint Subscription Edition Server/CAL licensing?


Thank you.

Hi @DCrawford999, afraid I'm not sure I understand your question. But in any event, I think your best bet is to speak to a Microsoft licensing specialist. They'll be able to help you figure out your options.