SharePoint Premium translation – now generally available!
Published Feb 14 2024 08:00 AM 8,783 Views

Following our Microsoft Ignite announcements in November, we are thrilled to bring you the latest updates on our SharePoint Premium services - translation and autofill columns.


Additionally, we invite you to try our supported public previews for Microsoft 365 Backup, Microsoft 365 Archive, and SharePoint Embedded which offer you powerful content protection, storage, and developer solutions.


Translation is generally available


With business transactions and collaboration increasingly global, we’re excited to announce that SharePoint Premium now provides a powerful way to translate files instantly and at scale. Today, SharePoint Translation has reached general availability for all commercial regions globally. You can easily create a translated copy of a selected file (or a set of files) in a SharePoint document library among dozens of languages – all while preserving as much of the original format and structure of the file(s) as possible. You can translate files manually on demand or automatically at scale by creating a translation rule. 


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How might content translation be useful for your organization? If you work across regions, being able to quickly translate content enables better multilingual collaboration and communication. If your business has a global reach, localizing business content for your customers optimizes user experiences. Finally, if you are in a regulated industry or need to comply with local or national laws, automated translation at high scale helps ensure documentation is available in required languages.


One of our customers recently experienced the power of SharePoint Premium translation – they needed to translate thousands of documents to comply with a Canadian law that legally requires organizations to maintain their content in both English and French. They were amazed to be able to automate translation of their content incredibly quickly.


If you’re ready to give SharePoint Premium translation a try, tap into this promotional offer today: customers will get the first one million characters translated at no cost every month through end of June. After you hit the included capacity each month, the translation service is just $15.00 for 1 million characters (roughly 500-750 pages depending on the density of the text).


Get interactive in a demo with SharePoint autofill columns

We also announced autofill columns as part of SharePoint Premium at Ignite. Autofill columns are powered by AI to easily populate columns for search, sorting and filtering in your SharePoint document libraries. Check out this interactive, self-paced demo to see autofill columns in action!



Join the public previews for Microsoft 365 Backup, Microsoft 365 Archive, and SharePoint Embedded

If you haven’t already begun experiencing the speed, security, and cost savings of Microsoft 365 Backup and Microsoft 365 Archive yet, now is your chance to get started on these pay-as-you-go services. Both are now in public preview and supported, and are available across all commercial clouds!


With rising ransomware attacks and security breaches, Microsoft 365 Backup protects and restores large volumes of data at unprecedented speeds so you can maintain business continuity across SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange. Stored data lives inside the Microsoft 365 trust boundary, so your data is natively and securely kept within Microsoft 365.


And as your organization’s content grows exponentially, especially in this age of generative AI, inactive content is also growing. Microsoft 365 Archive adds a tiered storage solution that archives your content in place within SharePoint, working seamlessly with Microsoft 365 security, compliance, search, and metadata - and reducing storage costs.


For our developers, SharePoint Embedded is a faster way for enterprises and partners to build content-centric apps. It stores content in the customer’s Microsoft 365 tenant and integrates Microsoft content management services like sharing, versioning, coauthoring, search, AI, security, and compliance capabilities. Not only is SharePoint Embedded in public preview, but we recently also introduced a new tool to make it easier and faster to get started in as little as just 10 minutes – the SharePoint Embedded Visual Studio Code extension, also in preview.




Join the Microsoft 365 Backup, Microsoft 365 Archive, and SharePoint Embedded public previews today!


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