Microsoft launches SharePoint eSignature integration with Adobe and Docusign
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Nowadays, business is done electronically - from making and reviewing documents to approving and reusing them. One of the most common document transactions is electronic signatures. The process of signing should be simple, safe, and integrated with your business workflows.   


SharePoint eSignature lets you ask for, sign, and keep signatures without interrupting your work process and while ensuring your signed documents are safe and compliant. Your content remains in Microsoft 365 during the review, signature, and record-keeping processes. This functionality is currently available in the US only.

In this era of digital change and AI, security and compliance are essential. SharePoint eSignature ensures your content stays safe within the Microsoft trust limits. eSignature makes the signing experience easier so you can keep working in your workflows without exiting the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This leads to higher productivity and quicker completion times. To be able to scale at the pace you need, eSignature enables tracking and management of every step of the signing process, for real-time visibility and accountability.  



Integration with Docusign and Adobe

In addition to eSignature, we know that many customers use other electronic signature services to sign their documents.  So, it’s critical that customers have an easy way to kickstart a signature process from documents that are already in Microsoft 365 using their existing third-party eSignature provider.  

We’re excited to announce integration (US only) with Adobe Acrobat Sign and Docusign as third-party eSignature providers which will be available in summer 2024. In the future, there will be potential integration with other providers.

The integration between eSignature and third-party providers allows customers to seamlessly initiate signature requests within their existing workflows and facilitate secure and automatic storage of signed documents in Microsoft 365 and across their entire business. 

These third-party integrations allow customers to store their signed documents in one location, use the extra security and compliance policies that SharePoint and Microsoft 365 offer, and minimize the chances of data breaches.  



Provider selection in Microsoft Admin Center

How to use SharePoint eSignature with Adobe and Docusign

To use Adobe or Docusign integration within SharePoint eSignature, an IT admin would need to activate it from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and specify the SharePoint sites where it should be used. You can learn more about the setup here.



Initiating a 3rd party eSignature request from a document in SharePoint



Email notification received after signing is complete


Using the third-party offering of eSignature from Microsoft is free. Pay-as-you-go billing must be set up, customers will not be charged. However, customers must ensure that they have valid licenses with Adobe or Docusign.


Your admins can determine which eSignature providers should be available to your users and configure this in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.  eSignature is available by default to end users once Admins set up billing and accept the Terms of Service.  In addition to configuring your eSignature providers, Admins can also manage which sites eSignature is enabled for. 


SharePoint eSignature integration with third-party providers allows you to seamlessly initiate signature requests. allow you to store all your signed documents in one location, while ensuring your content stays safe within the Microsoft trust limits. eSignature integration will be available in summer 2024.


Watch our on-demand session for eSignature here and learn more about eSignature here.

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