Use the same results page settings as my parent

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Hi all,


I have a site collection with only  a center search.

I need to use different results pages, one results page for every site.

In my site1, I've changed the url field for sending my results. Search works fine for site1. 

I suposse that all sites under site1 use the same configuration as site1 if I check for them the check option "Use the same results page settings as my parent". 





But when I search information in sites under site1, the search results are being sent to the default result page instead the https://sitecollec/site1/Pagines/resultsNew.aspx. I expected site1 behaved like the parent...



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Could be you missed the u parameter. Can you refer this link and try to add u parameter for contextual search.

I've added the parameter "u", and the result is the same for the site I'm configuring. But all the sites under this modified site (with property "use the same results page settings as my parent" checked) show results in the default page of the Search Center...
I expected that the "parent" was the site modified....It seems that the "parent" makes reference to the Search Center...

Because I have a lot of children sites, I cant set this property in all this sites... I need to cofigure a top site; this configuration must be inherited by children sites :S

HI @María José Pedreira, I just tried the same in my office 365 environment and I'm getting weird behaviours as well. This doesn't look right to me. configuring a unique search result for subsites doesn't seem to be possible.