Updating metadata of files using the REST API with Python or Node

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I have uploaded 6000+ documents in sharepoint. I would like to update the metadata of each file (like publish date, author, etc). For each document I have a corresponding XML-file locally on my computer with the metadata and I would like to go through each file and update the corresponding metadata in Sharepoint using either Python or Javascript.


I have used spsave to upload files before, but I don't really see a simple way to find the file by name and update the metadata. I've also looked at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/sp-add-ins/upload-a-file-by-using-the-rest-api-and-j... but I can't see how to connect to Sharepoint running this code in my Node script. 


Does anyone have experience in this or hints where I should look for an answer?





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