Unavailable hosted workbench

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I'm new to SPFX.

I'm moving the first steps following this tutorial

My packages

npm list --global --depth=0️


+-- @microsoft/generator-sharepoint@1.13.1
+-- gulp@4.0.2
+-- npm@6.14.15
`-- yo@4.3.0


After creating a web part and launching gulp serve the following request:


returns with a not found error.

Instead the request https://localhost:4321 returns a directory and file list.


What am I missing ?

I searched in my development folder and cannot find the layout directory nor workbench.aspx file

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That address is for the local workbench, which has been deprecated. Use the hosted workbench at https://<your sharepoint tenant>/_layouts/workbench.aspx

If you need the local workbench, you would need to use SPFx < 1.13.X.

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The tutorials available online are quite recent but they are outdated by the changes with SPFX 1.13.
It is very frustrating when you try to move the first steps in a new topic following a tutorial and things don't work at all.
I understand your frustration. I know the authors of those tutorial try to release them as quickly as possible, but there still can be a gap. I checked the link you post. The tutorial is dated 10/21/2021 and all references to the local workbench have been removed. It walks you though how to set up your project to use the hosted workbench.

Good Luck!