Sync Custom Active Directory Attributes with SharePoint Online User Profiles

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I have a requirement from a customer that goes something like this:


I need to be able to target content (think Announcements and News). So I am going down the User Profile Properties path and create Site Columns to tag the content and use the Content Search Web Part to rollup the information and match a user property value with the Site Column Value...Easy right.....


Now, what if a user is a member of multiple departments let's say but the Department Profile Property only allows for a single value? I can create a new multi valued user property to hold multiple values in there and that should work..


Is there a way I can sync a custom Active Directory Attribute of users that hold muliple values with a Custom SharePoint User Profile Property?


Has anyone implemented such a thing? 

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We use a powershell script to populate custom sharepoint user profile properties. You could create a multiple value, or even a regular string field with a value like CustomDepartment equals "HR Department;IT Department"

Then set up your "Audiences" rule to populate based on a name of IT Department Audience where the rule is field CustomDepartment "contains" "IT Department"

Hi @Brent Ellis thanks for the response. I would like to try an avoid the "Audiences" as this solution will be in SharePoint Online and my experience with Audiences in SP Online is that they take for ever to compile and there is no way to manually compile?


Therefore going down the Search path and utilising search queries to match values in User Profile Properties with "tags" added to content.


I think I will go down the PowerShell path and get the security groups (as this is an accurate representation of what "teams" the user belongs) and populate a custom multi valued SharePoint User Profile Property.


Good approach?

There is an API Service that you can use to do bulk upload of attributes that don't match the AD Sync to Office 365.



Using the last Azure AD Connect you can push custom AD Attributes to Azure AD and Office 365. Why not using this feature to keep sync a local AD multi valued attributes and using it from SharePoint User Profil to build a new Audience? That should work. I will double check and try to write a blog post later next week about this.

I know some customers were using this solution to Update customer user properties but I don't know if it's still necessary with the last version of Azure AD Connect.


Yeah i have heard that the current AAD Connect does custom attributes. i guess i still need to get those custom attributes into a SharePoint Online User Profile. I would like to avoid audiences in SharePoint Online if possible because of the lack of control of compilation schedule, unless that has changed?


If i can get these custom attributes synced by aad connect then into sp online that would be ideal.

Hello Guys,


Is there any news about SharePoint Online User Profile Sync with AAD Connect custom mapped properties?


Let me explain a little, i need some custom properties already mapped on AAD Connect on SharePoint User Profile, on my research i cannot find any way except developing OOB script/EXE to perform this action.


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Hi.  I have the same necessity.  I have the custom attribute in AAD.  I need a way to get it over to SharePoint user profile.  Any suggestions?


HI Medardo,


For now at least, there is no option to sync custom Active Directory attributes with SharePoint Online automatically.


I followed the instructions of this article and implemented a console application that do the job.


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