Steps on becoming a great Sharepoint Developer

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Hi guys,

    10 months ago my boss offer me to be a sharepoint developer, currently working as a Sharepoint Developer, but i cant see my self as a good sharepoint developer because 1. I never use visual studio in creating projects 2. I dont know the standard way of being a sharepoint developer. 3. I never had a mentor in this field. Im not good in coding because i was never been a developer before.  I've done a lot of research on what does sharepoint dev do. and i see a lot of programming language that i need to learn, i mean a LOT. but the thing is i dont know where to start it. i dont know what should i learn first? what are the things i need to do first. So here i am joining the community to get some tips in you guys, 
i hope that you guys will enlighten my path as a sharepoint developer. Thank you!

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