SPFx App package (Invalid App Package)

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Dear Smart People,


I am really new to this community and looking for help from you people.
If you can see My app package error is statin that "An Item with same key has alrady been added" but this is the first time i am adding this app to catalog

Never faced this type of issue, please let me know if you have any clue. Thank you somuch in advance



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How did you go about building your package? Maybe you forgot a step? :)

gulp bunde --ship
gulp package-solution --ship

@elischei  Thanks for the answer, but i did use that command, with --ship. could you please tell any other posibility
Thanks for taking time and replying.

Hi Ppl
This issue is resolved
in the manifest.jon file we are referring the images with relative URL, as soon as the full url is given the issue got resolved