Site Collection App Store Missing App Menu Items

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Hello all,


An user, user A, self created a team site from the SharePoint.aspx page. Since then a request for a site collection app catalog was made and the SharePoint admin created this app catalog. User A can access this app catalog and upload any SPFx app. What is happening is that that User A is not getting the app to deploy. There is no error, and the app menu which is normally located under the Items tab, is missing. It is as if User A does not have permissions to deploy. Can someone please help me find where User A can upload and have these SPFx apps deploy?


This is the App menu items that are missing for User A:



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I also want to mention that the user A is site collection admin. Does not matter if the user created their own Team site or Communication site, or if the SPO admin does it. They have no access to deploy SPFx apps within their own site collection app store.