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I recently got a free E5 developer account to use while I am studying. When I was setting up my tenant, I used the sample data packs and created 2 SharePoint sites using the Microsoft templates that were available. I used the Leadership Connection and the Crisis Management templates. 

I have added a new SharePoint site and I want to apply the Leadership template to it as well. However when I go to "Apply a Site Template" from the settings, those templates are not shown in the "From Microsoft" tab. 


When I go back to one of the sites I created during the initial setup, which I used these templates for, and go to "Apply a site template" there they are!


So my question is, why can I not seem to find the templates I used earlier? I do see some templates but not as many and not the ones I want to use. I only see Event Planning, Project Management, Training and Courses, Training and Development Team, and Team Collaboration. Not Leadership Connection and not Crisis Management. 


This isn't a huge problem, but I'd like to understand this better. None of the templates that are available to me from one of the sites I created earlier are available to use on this new site I created. It's rather odd to me. "New Employee Onboarding" for example. I can only see that template when I go to Apply a Site Template from one of the 2 sites I created during the initial setup. Not from this new site I created today. 

Thank you

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Oh boy...I just figured it out. My bad. The original sites were Communication sites. The new site was a Team site. This must be the reason. Sorry, thank you.