SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - February 2017 monthly community call recording


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This is the recording of PnP monthly community call from Tuesday 14th of February. PnP monthly community calls are for covering changes in the SharePoint PnP initiative during past month, provide credits for all the community contributors and for demonstrating new capabilities with community demos. You can download recurrent invite to monthly community calls from


Here's agenda for February 2017 call with direct links to specific positions, if you want to directly jump to a specific section (will move to PnP YouTube Channel).


  • Summary on the February2017 release and other initiative updates - Vesa Juvonen
  • Top 15 most accessed samples during January 2017 in SharePoint / PnP side - at 8:58
  • German, Chinese and US Governance cloud considerations and changes in Core component - at 14:07 - Bert Jansen
  • Changes in the PnP NuGet packages at 16:28 - Bert Jansen
  • New and updates samples, solutions and components with this release - at 21:01
  • Community contributors and companies which have been involved - at 26:15
  • Demo - Demonstration of updated Intranet Portal Starter kit solution - Franck Cornu - at 29:25
  • Demo - Latest on the PnP PowerShell - new cmdlets and other new aspects - Erwin van Hunen - at 44:52

If you have any questions related on covered topics or any other feedback, do no hesiate to start a discussion.


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