SharePoint Page Layout CSS Error "invalid or empty reference to a Cascading Style Sheet"

Darian Glover
Occasional Contributor

When encountering the following error after creating a SharePoint page layout the cause may be how you are calling a font as a style sheet.


An invalid or empty reference to a Cascading Style Sheet file was specified. Valid references must specify only a filename that ends with a ".css" extension


In my situation the offending line of HTML was as follows:


As you can see above, the href attribute's value does not end with a ".css" extension. While it is easy to add ".css", and it does not appear to break the use of fonts within the web page, the next error you would encounter is:
The workaround is to reference Google Fonts within a style sheet using "import".


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Thanks for sharing but be aware you also have to add Google to the save url's else it will not work

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