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Hi Community,


So as we know SharePoint maintains a hidden taxonomy list where it keeps the ID's of each term in term store. But when i access the hidden list it is empty. As per on premise knowledge Managed MataData Service (App) runs a automated update service every hour which syncs the term store and this hidden list. I have no idea on how this activity is maintained in O365 but on one tenant i see this list filled with all the terms but on the other tenants it is empty. I need to get the term id (not guid) which is maintained in this list.



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Any updates about this topic?

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Hi Christiaan,

I had to eventually raise a support ticket with Microsoft and it was found that the MMD service which updates this list was not working on the tenant where I was facing this issue. MSFT engineer did some changes at the back end (which they didn't tell me) after which my list was loaded with all terms. Since then I have no issues with the list as I have been using this list extensively.

Sorry for the delayed response!

Is there any way "PowerShell or Coding" to force run this service to get the list always updated?
Hi Amer,

I was actually trying to find the same but Microsoft doesn't give you the access of SharePoint services so that is why I had to raise a ticket with Microsoft and get the issue resolved.

I am not sure as of now if Microsoft have provided any control on these services in their latest updates.