SharePoint Online People Webpart without Pictures

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I'm currently setting up an overview of our Company with all employees per department. I'm using the People Webpart which works perfectly. It shows all information from the Person (Name and Title) but it doesn't show the picture of the person. 


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My question now is, where does SharePoint Online take this information? I thought they are from Azure AD, but we have the employee pictures there but not in SharePoint. Obviously some information are there just not all.



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The story of profile pictures is a complicate one...I agree that we could expect to have Azure AD as source to server profile pictures to the other workloads, but unfortunately it does not work so check if your users have their photos in SPO, just check the user profiles service or simply Delve profile form some users

@Juan Carlos González Martín

Thank You for your answer. I gonna check our Delve Profiles if they actually have the Profile Pictures or not. Do you maybe know if there is a way to set someones profile picture in Delve or does every user have to set his own Picture?