SharePoint Online Modern Page in MS Teams

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Hi all,

I have added the SharePoint page in my Team within Microsoft Teams and in the SharePoint page have added the SharePoint List viewer webpart to display the custom contact list however, due to SharePoint list column width data is not displaying it properly in the SharePoint page and looking ugly.

Column Width Issue.png

Has anyone come across this requirement and any quick solution options to increase/set the SharePoint custom list column width when displaying in SharePoint page.


Many thanks for your help on this.

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Nothing you can do here by means of seems the issue is related to the list view webpart that does not fits well when the page is added to Teams. I'm going to try to reproduce the issue and see if I can share with the Teams team
Yep, I can reproduce this and while you can adjust the column width and save it as soon as you leave the Teams Tab and come back to the tab, you again see the column without the expected columnd width