Sharepoint Online Migration Tool constantly throttling my Migration

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I have been performing migration tasks from our global File and Print servers for a few months now and been able to sync files to Sharepoint Online with no issues.  However, over the last week or so I have been getting constant Status 429 Too Many Requests errors from using the tool and my migration has almost grinded to a halt.  Is there anything that has changed from the SPO side that would mean my migrations would be being throttled so aggressively?



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Apparently that's the case...I have also read somewhere that the same experience is happeing using Sharegate to do the migration



This seems like an non normal situation but i would love to understand a bit more before we can jump to any conclusion.


Can you submit some basic information  to this email 

- Tenant in 0365 you are doing the migration (

- Time and day window when you were experiencing that

- Version of the tool you were using

- logs if possible contained in : C:\Users\%user name%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MigrationTool\XXXX\WF_XXXXX folder