SharePoint List sync with SQL Server Database

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Is it possible to establish a sync with a SQL Table and SharePoint list without using third party tool? 

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You could use Power Bi for this. but you need more info what you want to establish.





I would like to have a Choice column with options beeing pulled from a sql table. I was thinking of making the a lookup column where the lookup list will be in sync with sql database.

I was looking something which can be done within SPO without any external app
Power BI? Let me know your Ideas.

A real sync (two-way) including conflict management, authentications, logging, notifications etc. isn't easy to setup in a few minutes. Try 3rd party products = to start quickly with SQL (any vendor supported) and SharePoint (any version or plan).


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Have you looked to see if BCS would do what you need? Its for surfacing database content in SharePoint lists. Its more complicated in SharePoint online, particularly if your database is on premise, but there are a lot of great resources out there with guidance on setting up an external content type etc. This link can get you started:

Another possible approach, if you could publish restful service in front of your database, it would be possible to do something with JSLink to grab the choice data for the column.

@Richard Bourke & the original poster of question or anyone? 

Did you figure out a way to accomplish this? I have the exact same situation where I want to connect some of the lists in the SP online site to tables in our local SQL Database (not on azure or cloud hosted)

Use Case:  for one example the 'Branch managers' list with Manger Name & Employee ID  should be in sync with the 'Branch Managers' table in the SQL DB. The purpose of doing so is when we fill out a request form in Sharepoint, the Branch manager dropdown looks up branch managers list which should have the branch manager information as per SQL table (which is the golden copy of data)

@Rashid Mohammed : Let me know if you figured out a solution for this.

Yes very much so with the free tool Fusion from

@Rashid Mohammed 

Hi Rashid,

You can do it elegantly with the free tool Fusion from


You can do it elegantly with the free tool Fusion from