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Not sure where to start but is there a way to make the Listview webpart show the filter pane by default? Or is there a filter-pane webpart to dynamically filter down a modern sharepoint list's metadata?


Does this already exist or would it be possible to create this using a PowerApp and use the powerapp webpart instead? 

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@Robbert-Jan van Velzen the List web part can't display the filter pane and there is no filter pane web part. So, as you've said, a Power Apps app displayed with the Microsoft Power Apps web part is one way to filter a list embedded on a page, providing your list has less than 2000 items.


In my example I have a combobox so multiple items can be selected and it gets the items from the Counties list. The main gallery initially gets items from the Towns list (columns: Title = town and County = County).




colTowns gets up to 2000 items from Town list

cbCounties: Items = Counties, OnSelect = ClearCollect(colTowns, Towns)

Counties Selected
lblSelectedCounties: Concat(cbCounties.SelectedItems, Title,", ")


galTowns: Items = If(IsEmpty(colTowns), Sort(Towns, Title, Ascending), Sort(Filter(colTowns, County in cbCounties.SelectedItems.Name),Title,Ascending))


Clear Button:
Reset(cbCounties); Reset(galTowns)




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