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I am trying to do a POC on SharePoint Online Remote Authentication as explained in the below article:


When I try to get the security token I am getting the “Direct login to WLID is not allowed for this federated namespace” error from my corporate SharePoint Online Tenant but I am able to get the security token from my MSDN Development Tenant.


Note sure if we need to enable anything in Azure side. Basically I am trying to do a POC to explain how SharePoint REST APIs can be opened to integrate with other technologies we use internally like JAVA, Informatica, Salesforce, etc.


Any suggestions? 

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I'd ensure first that the Azure AD Web application has the needed permissions. Usually that way we register our applications - however, if we want to target only specific site collections, we use the specified site collection appinv.aspx page.

Also, if you are testing this in the browser, I'd ensure that I was logged in a private session to ensure that my dev tenant login does not interfere with my prod tenant login.
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Please find the below solution created by me

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