SharePoint Groups: Help Me Understand

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Modern SharePoint allows you to add users via Sharing, which doesn't add users to the old "advanced" permission groups. Then I noticed that in the "advanced permission" groups, that there is a group within a group. I can't look at the people inside of the second "Human Resources Members" group but I suspect that it is a list of the people with whom the site has been shared. Can someone confirm that? What would happen if I deleted the second, nested "Human Resources Members"?


Any help to understand this would be appreciated.




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@smithmeare you sure it is not a AD group with the same name?



You made a good point so I checked. There are only two human resource groups I can find.




But if you look at the names of the groups in question, they are worded Members after the type of SharePoint permissions they have. I still thing the nested groups were made by SharePoint when it created the site for me.