SharePoint Framework for Beginners Tutorial

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Just to let you know I have uploaded the first episode of a weekly series, a developers beginners guide to SPFx, hopefully you will find it useful and even suggest topics you would like to see covered.


This episode is an Introduction where I cover the following topics


  • What is the SharePoint Framework?
  • My Top 10 Benefits of using SPFx
  • Security Advantages
  • Introduction to the Webpart we are developing


The next planned episodes are:


  1. Setting up the Development Environment on Windows 10 and MacOS
  2. Build your first out of the box webpart using Yeoman (Yo)
  3. Adding Webpart Content (ReactJS, ReactJS Hooks, VueJS & JavaScript)
  4. Webpart Properties
  5. Themes (Changing colors based on section color changes)
  6. Introduction to PnP controls and Properties
  7. Reading and Writing to SharePoint Lists
  8. Build and Deploy (Including AppSource)






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A good idea. It might help with community engagement if you were to summarise what's in episode 1 for those that might be interested in viewing your work.

@Steven Andrews Thanks, good idea, I will update the original message to contain the detail