SharePoint Framework App-extension error


I'm facing an issue following the dev article for creating an App-extension. Following this article, the step where you're asked to gulp-serve and append an existing list with the following code.


?loadSPFX=true&debugManifestsFile=https://localhost:4321/temp/manifests.js&customActions={"d03ae0c2-bbbf-4cf5-9ff7-0986904553da":{"location":"ClientSideExtension.ApplicationCustomizer","properties":{"testMessage":"Hello as property!"}}}


I have replaced this code with my own ID an tenant name, resulting in the following URL.{"7c36083f-4b95-43a3-ad8c-d8ed500043a2":{"location":"ClientSideExtension.ApplicationCustomizer","properties":{"testMessage":"Hello as property!"}}}

2017-06-09 10_55_44-HelloWorldApplicationCustomizer.manifest.json - app-extension - Visual Studio Co.png



Browsing the URL results the console error below. Does anyone have an idea what might cause this problem?

2017-06-09 10_58_32-Developer Site - test - All Items.png

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Did you get the modal popup window to load debug scripts?

Hi Luis,


Yes I got the pup-up and chose "Load debug Scripts".


It might be the case that my developer tenant is not yet having the updates for the app-extensions.

One of my co-workers did have a message in the message center which indicated that the release was available on the tenant. I dont have this message yet.




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according to yesterdays monthly PnP Webcast it should be active on all dev tenants now. Can you check it? :)

I just checked, and indeed it works now :)