SharePoint file upload using API

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Is there any API available to upload file in SharePoint? Sample code will be helpful.


If we upload same file using API will it replace the old file or create a new version of the file? Please advise.


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Hey @Pulak2409 ,


I recommend you use PnPJs, since it makes handling REST calls a lot easier for you. This page shows how to work with files using it. A good point is that, after uploading the file, you may want to update it to set the Title of the Item you just created. Here is a piece of my code, which uploads from an input button. Any problem, let me know!


$("input").change(e => {
let input: HTMLInputElement = <HTMLInputElement>jQuery([0];
let file = input.files[0];
if (!file || file.size == 0)
alert("Arquivo Inválido");
sp.web.lists.getByTitle("Documents").rootFolder.files.add(, file, true).then(f => {
f.file.getItem().then(item => {
let file = new Object();
file.Title = "MyTitle";
item.update(file).then(() => {
return true;
Edit: Sorry for the indenting. They won't let me fix it.
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@Pulak2409 Multiple APIs to do this.


You can also use CSOM using FileCreationInformation

You have the option to overwrite files in both scenarios